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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All I Want for Christmas.... !

Come on... you know you want this... I would build a house around this piece !

More goodness at Fetch...

and you want to talk about cool galvanized buckets!  this is an old olive bucket, isn't it fabulous!
Karan's talented friend Deb put little white christmas lights in the bottom and filled it full of curly willow...
oh my goodness, nothing could be better!
(wish i had a photo of it all fixed up, guess you'll just have to come to the shop and see!)

and one more shot of the breathtaking settee... looks like she's just basking in the sunlight waiting for her true love to come along... romantic...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Yes Please!....

A Pair of To Die for Chairs - Take a Look!

There are a pair of these amazing French chairs at Fetch right now - aren't they breathtaking!  The blue is such a statement for a room almost like an original piece of art... or even imagine them with a more neutral linen fabric. Heavenly either way...
More photos of Fabulous new goodies at Fetch coming soon, including an armoire so pretty and amazing, you will want to grab it and run out of the shop, before anyone else finds it...

so keep a look out for new photos, you'll want to see this stuff!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Karen and Chester doggie are remaining exactly where they have been the last three years -  the shops of Daniel Boone in Hillsborough.  The shop will have a new name  
 Karan's former partner, the incredibly talented Kara and the shop name "Spruce" are relocating to her new shop in Durham.  No doubt you will want to visit there too!

Now come and take a look at some of the gorgeousness going on at "  FETCH"
(cute name huh?!) 

wonderful vintage table in white with breathtaking white chairs...

Karan and her amazing friend Deb demanded that i remove my handbag from the settee for this picture...  they said it looks like I forgot to remove it before I shot the photo... but I decided not to listen to them and leave it on anyway because i'm just as bossy as they are, and i'm doing the blog, and because the soft pink color looks so pretty on this versatile comfy little settee... and hey, don't alot of us just set our handbags down on our cute little settees when we walk in?
 well... that is... if we have a cute little settee like this!

 ok..., ok... here it is with my handbag removed and a yummy pillow - Karan has tons of fabulous pillow covers in the shop right now... 
and this little settee looks good with almost any color!
just look at that wonderful aged chippy paint on the frame

And do you want to see something amazing, that no one else around here has?  Check out these orbs handmade from roots... How cool are these???

Yummy yummy old doors....

...I lOVE this table...

See this fabulous old window - Karen has two this size, and two smaller ones - 
...for now that is... 
i bet they won't last long...
i took the glass out of mine, and used just the frames, but imagine them with an old etched vintage mirror in them flanking your bed, they'd make such a statement

With all the changes going on... there will be tons of new goodies added... so come on by and visit, and watch your emails for a link to the blog so you can see first hand some of the unique and fun things that will be appearing at "FETCH"!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


 There are a pair of these lamps, they are huge, and will take your breath away, just stunning!

 pretty pink coral under a cloche, coral is so hot right now...

 You have to see this close up, it's charming, the little handles are precious, and not only is it charming,  it is functional, you could fill it with pretty stationary, and use it for your laptop in your mom cave!

 there are a pair of these black cane backed chairs, and the cushion on it is the sweetest neutral print, with a touch of coral,  and filled with heavenly down !

 Ok, let's just say it.. this is an amazing piece !  karan is having a top made for it as we speak...  it's an old balcony from New Orleans! How cool is that!

 you want urns.... well, karan has urns... aren't they great!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh My! Things Come and Go So Quickly Here!

 Five great chairs!
 Look at the Gorgeous Detail on this Mirror! and reflected in this mirror is another really unique mirror!  Can you see it?

 This table is phenomenal!
 And can you believe Karan has two of these amazing, one of a kind side tables! I love these, and see the little mirror on the backs.... oh my goodness....
cool iron urn, this is the real! thing
I told you Karan was the master of mirrors... Look at this!, and the color couldn't be prettier...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pamela Pierce Designs, Beautiful Stuff! Look at The Light Fixtures.... And Ahhhh the Ruffles...

Top photo and bottom photo are stunning rooms by famous designer Pamela Pierce - check out the light fixtures and then take a look at the photo in the middle.  This is one of Karan's favorite chandeliers, and it is at Spruce right now!   It has a very similar feel, as the fixtures Pamela used,  and I bet the price is right...

A Pricey Little Settee from Bella Cottage - If You Like This, Keep an Eye Out... Because Karan Has Something in the Works!

you can find Bella Cottage online - check out their prices - Gaah! - but they do sell like crazy - I bet Karan can make something just as pretty,  and at waaay better prices - so stay tuned!

You Should See The Stuff I DIDN'T Photograph Because of the Lighting...

This table has the most beautiful simple graceful lines, and the wood has the prettiest patina...
New painting by moi... and look at those yummy candlesticks, got my eye on those...
This credenza I showed you in the last post is sold!  and... Here is another of my new paintings Karan made me bring over... I want to keep this one, so it may disappear soon!
Sigh... just look at this mirror... Karan is the queen of finding mirrors and Farm tables

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

COOL TABLES, LUSCIOUS ARCHITECTUAL PIECE, AND NEW BEDS! Plus Karan is out picking up more Goodies right now!

 Take a look at these two amazing tables - perfect!
 And check out this unique credenza - so classy and so functional !  Great shade of blue ...
 ok,... this architectural piece is just yummy - just imagine the possibilities... i have my eye on this one...! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Farm Table, Cute as Anything Round Chairside Table, Come Take a Look at Some New Finds at Fetch!

 Farm tables come and go so quickly here, better come grab it while you can....!  and how cute is this little table.... definitely one of a kind
 Another cool chair in a pretty blue fabric... Spruce has some GREAT chairs right now!