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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok, so maybe fabulishishness  isn't a real word, but who cares!  You'll be saying it too when you see all the amazing things in the shop right now!  

So get ready... There will be lots of pics!

This sofa is like a stun gun, when you walk in the store and see it... ZAP!   it almost knocks you over with it's coolness...

Lots of photos of this... but the photos just don't do it justice... in real life the gray is a little softer color...'s just me and my iphone camera here, with Karan darting in and out of the photos trying to gussy up the shop, and demanding i keep her out of the photos
geeesh... she's so bossy

It has a single cushion with the perfect cushy/resistance in it
totally, completely comfortable
they don't make em like this anymore!

 you'll see a whimsical little painting of a dress my moi in this photo...

 Ok, so take note of the little industrial metal coffee table in front, it's on wheels, subtle, but so cool

I'm just inserting this flower here because i love the color with the gray... poetic license... it's a little random but pretty, huh?

  Alrighty then, enough of my new best friend the gray

take a look at these windows.... 
love at first sight,
do you know what a couple of these could do to a room...!!?

 Vintage Pink Flamingos anyone?


Don't you just want to sit at this little table in the garden with your girlfriend, and look at decorating magazines and have some cranberry juice and vodka!??

Ok, well maybe that's just me...
i mean, we don't HAVE to have the cranberry juice...

to die for iron bed, and check out the gray bedding
why is it that gray looks so good with everything!?

Here we have a little before and after

cute before

and then with a sweet little slipcover after...

love the box pleats

Karan and Donna can set your chairs up for a makeover with some mighty fine slipcovers by Anna!

just some small little glass grapes, but what an impact, it's all in the details they say

i think these are just gorgeous!
just look at that color

according to Karan, this table opens up to twice this size, 
and look at that chair beside it...

hmmmm cover those seats in a fab fabric...
did i actually just say fab!  just shoot me now

easy peasy,, just unscrew the bottom, pop on your fabric of choice, and it's ready to go..

Chippy vintage perfection,

Now i will show you what is possibly,  Officially,
The Coolest Table in the world...

Ta Da!!!

 Those enamel seats swivel in and out...

Told ya!  Everyone is in love with this table, just imagine the possibilities with this baby

 cloches by Deb, i want them all...

and a couple more goodies

i want this table so bad, you should see the patina, and color of the wood on top

and a new sheep painting i did
she's at the photographer getting a special picture taken of her so i can make fine art giclee prints of her

even i like this girl!

French with mohair seats... 
yes please...

and to finish...
this darling little chair, with luscious blue velvet fabric, i think there are six of these...

Soooooo, NOW do you see why i called it Fabulishishness at Fetch!

and i think that if you can actually say "Fabulishishness", Karan would probably give you a discount!