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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fetch Fluffing for Fall and Some Fun Before and Afters!

Ok, let's have some fun!

Check out some before and afters created by the cute ladies at Fetch!
 We'll call this "Fluffing for Fall"!

Let's all get inspired at this pretty time of year to 'Fluff'  up our homes for the coming holiday season...

Look at this pretty room Karan and Donna made over for a client

isn't it so soft and peaceful?

a little Boho, a little Rachel Ashwell
a little Classic french...

...before photo below...

...pretty no doubt...

But now, wooonderful...

all pulled together

elegant, but not trying too hard...

 with gorgeous seating

and symmetry

You guys should hire Karan and Donna and Deb to come play with you and Fluff a space

It's the funnest thing ever in the world!

Good Holiday present, no?

Alot of spouses don't know what to get us for gifts

My guy usually says something like
"I just want you to be happy"
(whatever it takes)

They don't care if you get a 12 foot high stuffed dog, as long as it isn't in front of the TV

as long as "YOU ARE HAPPY"

How about a room redo for a holiday gift???  smile....

Ok, now...

Look at this little nursery that Karan did for her niece as a surprise

to start - boring empty room
 with crib

But we want this baby's "CRIB" to be too cool
so here we go...

Alf adding a monogram...
he can do cool stuff like lettering, which if you've ever tried it, you know it's hard to do!

Uh by the way, Karan had those curtains custom made, and they are to die for
see the little stripe detail under the folds?
it's all in the details baby...


all done!

 how about that vintage metal locker, painted red with a custom cushion on top!
and the cute little framed prints

and Karan was working with mom's colors too

That's what the talented ladies at Fetch do
They work with what you like and what you have
and help make it fabulous!

Of course her niece walked in and was surprised and everyone cried...

oh and by the way...

The precious little baby boy arrived yesterday!!!

How about one more!
A grandmother's cottage - completely redone by her daughter

Once again imagine a boring beige empty square bedroom

(no before pics here cause there was nothin to see)

painted the walls a quiet tranquil blue

covered a headboard in insanely yummy fabric Karan found

edged the dust ruffle and curtains in the same fabric

...added a fabulous rug...
...complementary pillows...

brought in the cutest little frenchy chair from the shop which is covered in gorgeous fabric

and oh by the way, the back of the chair has the same fabric as the headboard!
I want to see both sides at once it's soooo cute!

the bedside tables in here are so fabulous... really, they just are

one, which is hard to see,  is this soft antiqued buttery creamy white, oval in shape and very french and i want to marry it

i wish you could see them both a little better, 
the rooms were a little dark when we were there and hard to photograph

and we're both horrible photographers
(sorry about that)
but heck, you get the idea
the pics aren't THAT bad are they?!

(the comforter isn't purple as it shows in the photo, it's a luscious gray linen - yum )

Oh  how i loved this bedroom

so much so that i went straight home, and ripped apart my own bedroom
tortured my fiancee by making him paint the walls two different times, two different colors, because i screwed up picking both of the wall colors, and decided when he was halfway through
that i hated both colors
so you can imagine...

 I had to have an emergency call with Karan

well... that's all another story, and i'll tell you guys about in the next blog post...
and why it's a pretty darn good idea to call Karan first! not after you pick the wrong color!

Needless to say, Karan came to the rescue...


I'll have to show you a few more pics from this same Grandmother's cottage before we go

and by the way, isn't it so loving of the daughter to do this for her mom

If that were my daughter, i would arrive to a room with black walls, a red faux fur comforter and a picture of Tupac on the ceiling... 

Check out the wallpaper Karan choose for the hall

Isn't it fun!
she arranged for the paneling and beadboard to be done too...

this girl has connections if you want something done!

 imagine how long and dark and boring this narrow hall would be without the wallpaper and beadboard

Karan helped fluff the whole cottage

the owner of the cottage has amazing taste herself, and picked out so many great pieces too

together they did such an amazing job!

the other bedroom was done in navy!

cool huh?!

Before i close, i wanted to show you a couple of photos from the shop

there are two of these chairs in the shop right now waiting for a good home!

Donna and Karan had the seat cushions redone, so sitting on them is scrumptious more...

Also don't forget that our talented Deb does amazing natural cloches and creative luscious mossy and succulent arrangements in glass and other unique containers 
they add that final touch of natural elements to finish off a room...

the room is never really done until nature graces it with living things

you should see how different the shop looks without Deb's amazing arrangements flourishing all around...

 her pieces are unique, handmade from native barks mosses and plants
 and best of all her prices are great!


and last but not least!

Karan was so touched by how many of you asked about Chester and his surgery

It went great, he's had an amazing recovery, and is back at his job as a greeter and baby kisser at  Fetch...

 Karan survived it too.... barely... smile

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