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Monday, July 29, 2013

New Goodies at the Shop and Chester Surgery Tomorrow!

Karan asked me to do a really quick post to let everyone know that Chester has a big surgery tomorrow.  She wanted me to ask all of you Chester fans to send out wishes and prayers for a successful ACL surgery, one of two he will be having...
Needless to say Karan is beside herself with worry and needs all the support she can get!

and while i have you guys,  I can't resist tucking in a few photos of the shop

Check out this bench!

Why do they do this to us!?

How is anyone supposed to resist this bench?

 and isn't this just the prettiest little chest - do you see the mirrors on the side and in the middle

It is so feminine, and so classy

 One more of the yummy bench, and then back to work for me before i get busted doing blog posts!

 Ok, so don't forget to send out great energy and wishes for Chester's surgery tomorrow, he goes in early in the morning
and we all want him to have a comfortable and speedy recovery...

what's not to love about Chester doggie...

Actually, i think maybe your prayers and good vibes should probably be for Karan too

because she will be a basket case!

See ya at the shop!




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