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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Too Many Chairs - So Guess What? A Chair Sale At Fetch!

 Karan's been bustling around the shop,
 fussin and carrying on about how we have too many chairs...!
I think we should call that
Bustling around and Fussing, don't you?

hmmmmm, what to do, what to do....
Why not have a Chair Sale!?

And that's exactly what is going to happen...

Fetch is having a big sale on all chairs!

For example these...

 Aren't they delicious!?
They're that magical grayish/teal blue color that looks good with ANYTHING!

Ok, so i'm just gonna keep showing you guys SOME of the chairs in the shop

And I will chat along the way....

Karan asked me to thank you all so much for your patronage

It's people like you, who shop locally, and support local merchants who keep our community vital and creative
and make it possible to have shops like Fetch where you really can find unique and one of a kind treasures ...

She enjoys seeing you all year after year,  and thinks of many of you even as she's out shopping!

I've seen her buy something and say "so and so" will die for this
and then call that person as soon as she gets back to the shop!

That's what's great about shopping locally,and  not in BIG BOX stores loaded with particle board and cheap materials

Karan was just talking the other day about the high price and low quality of alot furniture on the market now  

These older pieces are heavy and well made, and wonderful and timeless!
 what's not to love about this sweet little chair !

now that's a chair !

four of these cuties at a great price 

this is so fun! and just look at the detail in the woodwork!

This soft buff velvet chair is so elegant and comfy...

This next chair is no reproduction!  It is heavy and it's iron, 
 the real deal!
The chair that inspired a million copies!

and it is comfortable
it really really is!
I know someone who is about to get a call about this chair...! 
Pretty much everyone is in love with it, and everyone who comes in the shop is getting their photo taken in it!
you will see some of the victims below...

ok, so there are even more chairs than this in the shop, we just don't have photos of them all...
this is just a sampling!

Now want to see something fun ?

A little before and After thanks to the ladies at Fetch
and who dosen't love a Before and After?

ok before...

 Only 2 weeks after!

these ladies make it look easy,
 but you try getting slipcovered sofas and chairs the right scale and style arranged in your house and all pulled together in a two week time frame
not so easy!

Isn't that cool!
Looove the sofa with it's little box pleats
and the ottoman with the pop of red...

So that's all for now

Come on in and find some cool chairs at great prices for your house

and let Donna and Karan and Deb help you pull a room or two together !
It's fun!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
see you in the shop!


  1. Chairs! Chairs! Chairs! Oh I swear I can’t take off my eyes of these chairs and I really do love them. It looks like I’m stuck here for awhile… XOXO:D

  2. Wow! I LVOE Those chairs!! I love the tufted frenchy ones...and I think there were at least 4!! ARgh...