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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


You should just see Donna and Karan talking over design jobs as they work together.  

It's so fun listening to them discuss scale, color  fabric, furniture,  pillows, and wall color...

One of the homes they are working on now is in the beginning phases of a makeover -  

and here is a little before and after of a stairwell.. 
hopefully we will have more photos to come!

 Just a small change, 
 but oh what a difference
All it takes is being able to problem solve cost effective ways to make a big difference in a space

And that's where these ladies will amaze you with ideas and strategies and creative solutions!
A little paint
and a little elbow grease, and viola
(check out the before below)

Whoa!  don't we all just love that builders grade orange wood

Ok, you know i'm kidding, right!?

 Here's another example of all of us, Deb, Donna, Karan, and even me wandering around helping a little - 
staging a house for the candlelight tour in Hillsborough a couple weekends ago... 

Karan did this chair all up in red and white, and painted stripes on this little dresser 

Isn't it fun and so charming!
I just want to lick this chair it's so cute!
(i can't believe i just said that) 

 Deb dressed up this little garden house, i love it!


even "Wallace" the sheep got all gussied up and made a showing for the tour!

 All in all, it was chaos, and fun, and the greenery and branches were flying... !

Ok, so now, let's go back to the shop...!

This is the hardest thing to photograph, but the most precious little creation ever, so i just had to share it with you,...
there are a couple of styles...

It's a delicate handmade manger scene
can you see it?

do you see the little star on top?
what an amazing gift this would be, and the price is great...

See the photo below...
 How about one of these on either side of something, anything!...  

They're silverplate platter lids, cut in half and fitted to hang on the wall
they're gorgeous! 

Just look at the color on the two little Swedish looking chairs 
they are like works of art in chair form!


Check out the curves on this cute little chair !  i think it's a girl chair, don't you?  We should name her!

You should've heard me when i saw this sofa - OMG!
the color of the fabric is exquisite
and as pretty as it is, it is comfortable, with fluffy feathers in the cushion

I did a guy check on it, 

I stretched out full length to see if a man could take a nap on it

I'm think any guy or girl 6 feet and under would say it passes the comfy nap test!

So what do ya say, how about a little Fetch in the stocking for the holidays! 

Tell your significant other to forget the Snuggie, and the big screen tv, and the crock pot

All you want for Christmas is to have a little fun shopping  at Fetch!