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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Cloche to Die For, and a Reminder About Our Party/Celebration !

Hi everyone, don't forget about our Party 
March 22, from 6:00 to 9:00!  
We will have great giveaways

...A free one hour consultation with... 
Karan Sjoberg and Donna Dutton

...An original oil painting by me, Cindy Austin...

...A natural floral design by Deb Kelsey...

...A custom duvet cover by Anna Edwards...

...and some surprises from Haven Salon...

Now check out this gorgeous cloche by Deb
just look at the fabulous base the cloche is sitting on

and here's another... aren't they wonderful...!

One more, just for fun... I love the natural elements she uses in her design... they add so much to a room....

and here is Deb, Isn't she cute!

A few more goodies
Yummy chair, there are two of these babies!

A new painting by me, with some little sheep grazing in a soft meadow... 
and there's that great chair again...

Whatever this is called, I want it! But my house is already full of  treasures i found at Fetch!

this is just a peek at goodies in the shop, and don't forget to mark your calenders and iphones about the celebration!

Can't wait to see you there!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

More New Goodies at Fetch, and Mark Your Calendars for March 22, 6:00 - 9:00 !

Just wanted to send you a peek at some more of the gorgeous stuff arriving at Fetch every day, and remind you to mark your calendar or iphone or whatever you use to remind yourself of good stuff that's happening 
because we're having a -
celebration/ party/you guys gotta come !
 on March 22, from 6:00-9:00!  
We're not sure what to call it yet, but we're definitely having it and we'll keep you posted!

We will have food, and treats and drinks, and great giveaways to 
...celebrate how much fun we're having, fluffing and buying...
and how much we appreciate you and how awesome you are!

But for now, just take a look at this....
Deb does these glorious orchids
wouldn't one be the perfect touch for your home?
They add so much to the shop...
and ummmmm Valentines day is almost here - 
that's a hint for the spouses! 

There are two of these fabulous chairs, in a soft blue linen - 
Oh my goodness gracious...

Anyone feel beachy yet?  This is French, and Fabulous.  Very sturdy and the works on the back are amazing, it can be adjusted to any resting height, the little foot rest at the bottom can be removed, you have to see it to appreciate what a cool and unique piece this is....

This new painting by moi, should be arriving as soon as she is signed...

   This chair is so roomy and just beautiful...

Anyway, that's just a little peek for now, these photos only scratch the surface of what's actually in the shop!
so, stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ok, February 1st, and More New Stuff! Come On In and Look Around!

Coolest coffee table ever!  This was a chopping block, shortened the legs... and oh my is it wonderful!  

                          Just look at that thick old wood....

and check this out, salvaged from New Orleans right after the flood!
there are two of these columns!

This wonderful chair has such a Ralph Lauren look, it's fabulous!
and don't you just love that funky little pillow!
this chair is amazingly comfortable, and a good size too, not chintzy at all!

wouldn't this little magazine rack look cool beside it... well actually beside anything, it's great!

kinda Rachel Ashwell, Anthropology look...

and check out this Bohemian looking throw, this is most likely a carriage blanket from around 1890
wonderful colors!
...what a find...

it looks good everywhere, and is a little tattered, actually "just right" tattered, and soft as butter

and to end up for now , a little twinkle twinkle...

stuff is flying in and out of here
open Wed - Sunday
so get yourself over here before these goodies are gone!

and just a little heads up:

We are going to be having a ladies evening with treats and a giveaway in March...
so stay tuned!