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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Just wanted to let everyone know that Daniel Boone Village 
(that's where Fetch is)
is having what they are calling a "DAYCATION" 
on Saturday 10:00 - 5:00  
There will be Music, and Firetrucks, and Sales and Food!

ok, so i know Daycation sounds a little hokey... 
BUT, now Fetch is getting in on the action and having a tag sale!  Karan will be dragging stuff out from all her nooks and crannies and goodies from upstairs in the shop and bringing in all kinds of new things for the sale!

And...There will be great prices, i promise that!

Want to see the cutest chair in the world, ever?

and did i show you this adorable daybed, which actually rocks... paintings hanging over them...

 and a cool little announcement about that
my paintings are going to be featured in a premier issue of a new magazine coming out in a week, 
"Romantic Prairie"
can you believe that!

Anyway... the Daybed
 check out the fabulous birch sticks

This mirror is really huge, and look at her curvy shape
she's a little chubby at the bottom like me

These mirrors just make the whole room... 
They are really big too,
They could open up a small room, and make it seem twice it's size...
love these

 Suzy Fee 
will be on site at Fetch painting her Whimsical Dog Paintings.
you should see them, 
they are soooo charming and cute
I wish i had a photo of one to show you

I am supposed to be there painting too
We'll see if i can pull that off...

Anyway, it's bound to be fun and festive, and i can promise you will find some unique items at Fetch at amazing prices
knowing Karan, she'll be marking things down waaaay low.

If she has something for more than two weeks, she gets tired of looking at it and will sell it at practically her cost!
i'm not kidding!

See you guys there!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Party was So Fun, Fetch Friends and Customers Rock !

We all had the best time at our Celebration.

We had a great crowd thanks to your support, 
 you guys being there made it all so special and fun... 

It was a blast seeing old friends and familiar faces, and meeting new friends!

We even had the Mayor come hang out with us, he's a real sweetie!

There was a feature all about our party on 
it's a cool website about local events...

In the photo below you can see Anna, the cutest lady ever, who does the wonderful slipcovers for Fetch.  She is in her awesome blue vintage dress, and gave away the custom Duvet cover
the winner of her Duvet Cover was.
Tom Stevens and his wife Debbie Simmons

Beside her is Rachel, Karan's daughter, isn't she gorgeous!
she did a wonderful job serving gobs of wine to everyone!

check out these custom slipcovers Anna did for some plain old ladder back chairs
You should go to the shop and see how cute they look pulled up to the table

She can sew some slipcovers!

This gorgeous cloche created by Deb was won by 
Paige Westbrook!

Blair Ackiss
seen below holding the pear painting
won one of my paintings!

She is a Realtor here in Hillsborough at 
Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston

she's also an amazing cook especially with sweets, and  recently starting baking biscotti and vegan chocolate cookie bars for 
Cup a Joe in Hillsborough
 they are to die for!
I love having a vegan chocolate source close by!

Amy Jennette 
won the one hour home decor consultation from Karan Sjoberg and Donna Dutton
How cool is that!
Wish i could've entered!

Deb's crab dip was a hit
and so were Anna's little round cucumber sandwiches

i will post the recipes below

In the meantime, did you guys see this fabulous chair at Fetch?

the patina on the wood is absolutely beautiful

plus, this chair is totally comfortable, 
beautiful and functional 
what more could you ask for!

and look at the room divider that recently came in the shop ... i love it
if only my house wasn't already full of stuff from Fetch i would run out the door with it!

Anyway, Thanks so much to everyone who came
As I said before, 
You guys rock!

and before i forget - 
 below are the recipes for the the crab dip and the cucumber sandwiches!

Anna's Yummy Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Makes 20-30 depending on cookie cutter size

* The secret is in the carefully selected ingredients...I would normally be bored by a cucumber sandwich...and I usually try to be frugal, but fresh/organic promises to make it yummy and you don't enjoy these everyday, so go for the best! I also think these would be TOTALLY AWESOME with goat cheese, but I wasn't sure if everyone would agree, so I played it safe with cream cheese.


  • Tin Cookie Cutters or Biscuit cutters-I used my grandma's 2" circular biscuit cutter and got four rounds out of each bread slice~Use other fun shapes depending on your event.
  • 1 VERY sharp knife
  • 1 Seedless Cucumber (The long skinny kind)
  • I package of Room Temp Cream cheese (go for the real stuff- I got mine from weaver street market...again, I usually go for the on sale option and the reduced fat kind, but not for this!)
  • 1 Loaf of Weaver Street Market "Wonderful Bread" ~Their version of white sandwich bread--I could eat the whole loaf is perfectly soft and yummy...and super fresh.
  • 1 Jar of "Seasonello"(

  1. Lay out all of your "WSM WONDERFUL BREAD"  slices and put a generous smear of cream cheese on half of them.
  2. Wash & thinly slice your cucumber.
  3. Lay 8 or 9 thin slices on top of the cream cheese
  4. Add a shake of Seasonello (SeaSalt-Pepper-Rosemary Blend)
  5. Top with slice of bread
  6. Cut out Shapes
  7. Place on Platter
  8. Cover with Saran Wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour prior to serving.
  9. Make an extra plate of them for home because you won't have leftovers.


Heinz chili sauce
finely chopped onions
Key lime juice (can use regular lemon or lime juice
worchester sauce
Fat Free Cream Cheese in box
Imitation crab meat from Seafood section at market. NO canned or fresh.

*Approx one and a half boxes of cream cheese per package of crab meat

Hand mix the cream cheese and Chili sauce. Aprrox one bottleof chili sauce per 2 boxes of cream cheese. Do not use mixer! Mix in a little worchester sauce (Very little) and a Tbs of the lime juice and the onion while mixing the cream cheese and chili sauce. It makes it easier to mix.Mix until it has thourally blended together. It's a good arm workout It should be a light pink color. I don't have precise measurements as I've been making it so long!  Flake the crab if you haven't bought it already flaked and mix into the cream cheese mixture. Let it sit overnight.