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Friday, February 15, 2013

Wanna See An Insanely Cool Before and After?!

Well come on in with me and take a look!

Lets start with a photo of the   "After"

Isn't this pretty!!!

Ok, now lets move to the "Befores" 

Donna discussing ideas and budget with the homeowner

Do you know you might just save money when you hire a designer for help in making over a room!?

They know stuff!  

like where to find a good quality sofa for the best price

one that is not too big or small for the room

if you think it's easy finding a sofa that isn't an overstuffed monstrosity for a good price
go ahead, try to find one! 

Karan and Donna know that you don't want a room to look too matchy matchy

That you want things to look like they were collected with thought  over time

They know how to incorporate your treasures in with a room you want to change
 and how to make the room flow comfortably 
 They have ideas, you would never even think of!

 they know things like...


or how about this...
did you know this, i didn't

another "Before"

they also know that the rooms leading to the area you are fluffling up and redoing all need to work together

Ok, let's just look at some of the "Afters" !

It takes alot of time and energy driving from place to place finding the just right pieces for a room

I think we've all done that haven't we, spent a whole day looking for the perfect rug, or curtains, or chair - just to come home frustrated and empty handed

or with something we have to return 
just look at those lamps, aren't they perfect
they are older lamps
but the shades are linen and brand new
mixing the old and the new

Take a look at these window treatments

i want to kiss those blinds!
and hug the curtains

Donna knew just where to find both
and knew they'd be great in the room
 she had the shades cut perfectly to fit the window

you know you don't want to have to deal with measuring stuff for windows and then getting them hung just right!
 Is it just me, or does that seem overwhelming to you too?

Out of all the curtains in the world to choose from, how did she find the perfect curtains for this room!!!?

I'm sure i'd end up spending hours online or settling for something i didn't really love from Bed Bath and Beyond or something..
actually i've done that...
and they were more expensive than these panels!
another waste of money

These shades are insane, to die for, fabulous
 they look like sea grass and linen and gauze woven together
the prettiest i've ever seen
kiss, kiss, kiss  

not a great picture, but check out these side tables,
did you notice them?
they were hand painted by Karan in a color she had custom made

and she had the mirrored tops cut to fit the tables

the mirrors reflect the light and the pretty things all around and on top
Like Deb's cute little plant
you'll notice Deb's plants tucked in around the room
every room needs something "alive" in it!
the mirrors on top of the tables make the room just sparkle
 a small, but elegant and pretty touch


room in process...
 moving things out, and moving new things in
another thing these ladies will take care of for you
and THAT's a BIG help!

if you don't think so, just ask the person who ends up helping you move furniture all around your house!
especially if you just want to "try it out" in one spot and move it back if you don't like it
that always goes over really well with my guy... 
yeah right...    

ok, and think about this
what if you find a piece of furniture at the shop that you LOVE
but you don't want to make a big production of bringing in the house

you can get the ladies at Fetch to help you wisk it right in the house while no one is there

no telling how many years before your guy notices it!
that's so bad isn't it...!!!
awww come on, you know you think that way too... right???
check out that cool wooden painted screen
perfect for the hard to decorate corner by the fireplace

you can see it all finished and in place in some of the last photos as you scroll down

another view
see the little side tables by the chairs
isn't the silver just perfect for the room
and so functional for a glass of wine
or vodka
or a tequila shot
ok, sorry... got a little carried away with that...
 great chandy too, huh?
  and isn't it clever to put the little white bench right near the fireplace for extra seating
 I love all the candlesticks
can you see the brushed silver ones on the entry table
the photo dosen't do them justice
they are fabulous!
and the air plant arrangements by Deb?
nothing too matchy matchy
but everything matches!
 you can see the dining room behind the chairs
that's next for some tweaking!
i know Karan is giving that dark wood chest the "evil eye"
  the office which is right off the new den area... 
i love the light fixture the owners picked out
sorry you can only see half of it here,
but you get the idea

Donna and Karan brought in the little industrial chairs from the shop
there are 4 of them tucked against the wall under the framed prints 
 they added soooooo much to the room
and play so perfectly with the brushed silver light fixture

ok, now a little panaroma of the room...

in the photo below you can see the office where the silver lamp is at the very back of the photo 
you can see that you walk from the office into the madeover room 
that's why the two rooms need to "flow" together

as you can imagine the little silver industrial chairs in the office work with the silver candlesticks and chrome side tables in the newly madeover room

ok, so wasn't that fun!!!

After i saw this bright pretty room i told Karan i wanted to hire them to help me too
like right now!

If i think about all the money i've wasted buying "cute" little odds and ends at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and Home Goods because i thought this or that might make a room right

or how many times I have screwed up on choosing paint colors for a room and had to repaint it!
I honestly believe that in the long run i would have saved money getting help! 
Plus it would've been waaay more fun!
Speaking of paint colors, Karan also has a good collection of paint color suggestions on her Pinterest page too
you should go take a look!


 Also, did you guys know that Karan's husband Alf is a master wood craftsman?!
He does floors like no one else in the area
His floors and wood craftsmanship is famous!
Would you like to have beautiful hardwood floors?

waxed and oiled and buffed to perfection

no polyurethane ever!!!
 not on hand crafted wood floors done by Alf!

Rich and beautiful reclaimed wood

  patterns and designs

   the work he does is beyond extraordinary
  and would so completely increase the value of your home

just thought ya might want to know that! 

Anyway, come on by Fetch this weekend
and chat with Karan or Deb
and get some ideas for creating the home you imagine 

But think about maybe getting a little help this time!

 it is so fun to talk about ideas and watch the transformation happen!

 see ya at the shop   !