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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hi Fetch friends!
Come to our Flash Sale tomorrow Monday May 26th!
30 % off almost everything
We decided yesterday, wouldn't it be fun to have a flash sale
the weather is so pretty and Fetch is packed 
so why not have a big sale!

Below is a blog post I did in March that
 explains about how Karan was trying to accept too many friends on her personal facebook page and was temporarily "locked out" of her facebook account,  and about how we had to create a special 
shop Facebook page

you're welcome to read the post below for more details and pics
but for now...
the most important part of the post explains about a new "shop" Facebook page which we will be updating several times each week in real time - so we'd love it if you follow us on Facebook!

just click here and and when you get to the page click "like" and you will get Fetch facebook posts!

There just isn't time right now to do a new blog post 
because we wanted to get the message out about the sale right away

You can read below if you like and if not 
hope to see you tomorrow!


Hi everyone!

Sorry for so long between posts, but there always seems to be so much going on, and time just flies away! 

Just want to give a peak at some cool stuff in the shop and let you guys know that Karan was having problems accepting all the "friend" requests on Karan's personal Facebook page. 

Facebook put her on probation like about three times! 

geesh - Leave it to Karan to get in trouble with Facebook! 

apparently us more "mature"  
crazy old tech challenged
ladies are clueless that your personal Facebook page and a business Facebook page are very different and you can't try to friend like 500 people on your personal page in one day or the Facebook police will ban you

So I helped her create a "shop" Facebook page, so that all you have to do is click "like" and you can see up to date info about what is going on in the shop, and no one gets banned from Facebook!

It's easier to update in real time too, instead of doing a blog post

so if you want to - go HERE and "like the new shop Facebook page

Ok, now for some pictures!

There are two of these girls in the shop right now
and they are WONDERFUL
this type of chair is getting harder and harder to fine

the seats are nice and wide
it's so very comfortable 
and so frenchy fabulous at the same time

pretty just as they are, or how about overstuffing that seat cushion and covering in some amazing fabric!

pictures don't do this chest justice
so i'll just give you a peak at this old painted cedar chest
you can see it in full on the new  Facebook page !

check out this cool coffee table
this would work with so many decor styles...
 (love the cowhide rug too!)

sooo, i know this is an AWFUL photo, sorry, but isn't this the sweetest little bench
i had to show you, bad photo and all

a deep floral pattern is carved all around the perimeter
just precious, and it would be so easy to add a fabric of your choice!

see this little shabby planter... well it's mine all mine!  
found at Fetch - Handmade by Deb of course,
 and such a great price i felt like i was stealing it!

let's all tell Deb to make some more!
either way, there are so many Deb handmade creations in the shop
come see for yourself!

So, I know these pictures aren't the greatest, 
but you get the idea

The shop is loaded with goodies
 I'm just too ADD to take time to get good photos of everything, because i'm too busy carrying things from the shop to my car!

and don't forget to go "like" the new Fetch shop page to keep up with what's going on - and so Karan doesn't get busted by someone from Facebook for "friending" too many people!

see you there!


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