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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shop Goodies, and Fetch has a Pinterest Site Now!

 Do you know about  

It's a fun and addictive website that allows you to find, save and categorize all those gorgeous photos and ideas you find online, and don't quite know where to keep.  It's visually enticing, and loaded with with tips and tricks, you just have to go look !

Anyway, now Fetch has a Pinterest site, and Karan and the ladies at Fetch will be filling it with shop photos, tried and true paint colors, and all kids of design ideas - go take a look 
here  !

- If you'd like to be on Pinterest you will need an invite - 
so email me, Cindy at
and i will send you an invitation so you can get started Pinning!
and you can take a look at my Pinterest

So now enough about Pinterest
lets take a look at some shop photos!

Fabulous upholstered headboard
and just look at those prints over the bed
they're wuuunderful!

another view

close up on one of the prints
i want these!

ok, you want a hammock ?
now THIS is a hammock

it feels heavenly, and look at the lacy detail around the edges...

this is so beautiful, you could hang it in the house!

hmmm, lets see what else we have here...
nice little architectural piece 

pretty and functional little table on wheels with a mirrored bottom

oh my gosh, and look at this... 

 check out this cute bench, and this bench  has a huge headboard to go with it!

so that's i'll i've got for now...
i was too busy trying to help Karan figure out Pinterest on her ipad

so of course we ended up at the Apple store
they were great
they must be used to old ladies like us who don't have a clue

And, here's the deal, there was so much sold at the shop this weekend, that Karan is now going all out  frantically filling it up with new stuff... 

I know i will find all kinds of new goodies appearing this week, and so will you!

and don't forget to check out Pinterest!
you're gonna like it
even if you're not techy!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gorgeous Blue Secretary, Epic Sofa, and Other Goodies at Fetch !

Ok, is this perfect or what?!  A place for your laptop, lots of drawers for "stuff", the cutest little feet you ever saw, and the perfect blue.  I'll take one please!

and, you want to see an Epic sofa?

The curves on this thing are flawless
The upholstery is mohair, try to find that for a good price
you won't
 the classic single cushion is filled with feathers
the scale is fabulous, not too oversized
freakin amazing sofa

dress it up or dress it down

I don't even like red, and i was obsessing about this sofa

Love this little vintage blue lamp, there are two of them 

do i even need to say anything about this... wow

These great little decorative pieces are handmade my Deb... 
isn't that cool!
made from the earth, all natural, and local 
take that Pottery Barn!

another insanely gorgeous cloche, 
of course made by Deb
just look at the base on this thing...
love the colors in the shell too, with that little touch of red 

she's so "got" the organic/nature look going on!

kinda like that placemat too

Ok, one more by Deb
since we're all crushing on her stuff right now!

is this the cutest thing ever?
reminds me of the Tin Man's Hat from the Wizard of Oz

Alrighty then, time to see an amazing light fixture

I wish i had a close up of these plates, 
Each one is hand painted with little flowers and birds
and each one is different!

Striking on that dark wall too, way to go Karan!

and isn't this a cute idea, little industrial thingys grouped on the wall

just a great example of ideas these incredible ladies at Fetch can come up with to give your house a unique look all your own

so, wasn't that fun! 

You should come in the shop, it's way more fun in there...

 Decorating trends are so timeless right now.
Flawlessly unconstructed.
A great mix of the old and the new...
Tattered elegant french chairs, matched with lucite side tables, and cowhide rugs.
Industrial light fixtures mixed with chippy corbels, and sisal and burlap...

It's all right here at Fetch for the taking
plus some great decorating advice and services.

-Open Wednesday through Sunday-

So come and play!